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Patient Results

  • I just wanted to thank you for everything and just express how wonderful you all are!  Not only did you help me with my shoulders but you went above and beyond making sure my “whole body” felt better!  Your expertise, information, and exercises went above and beyond my shoulders!  You have a special place there and I appreciate all your hard work and dedication!

  • Tom, I recently completed six weeks therapy at KPTC for a shoulder injury.  One morning you sat beside me during my “ice phase” and admitted you were the luckiest man on earth because of the great staff who worked together almost like a loving family.  I agree and congratulate you on your selection of individuals who are both professional and committed to providing a high level of service to your patients.  I spent more time with Devin and Rissa during treatment and both exhibited extremely high levels of knowledge and professionalism with a personal touch.  In fact, from the friendly greeting at the front desk to the placement of ice packs at the end, I was impressed.  Most of all, my range of motion improved considerably and the pain has diminished.  Thanks for a job well done.  I will certainly recommend your “work family” anytime an opportunity arises.

  • Great group of individuals. They treat everyone with care and respect and understand that all patients are in different stages of recovery. Financially I would have been turned away (at most other places) due to a high deductible, but they have been willing to work with me. Education is simple to understand and they explain exactly why they want each exercise or type of therapy done. I’m glad I walked in the door to explore my options.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone there for the good care I received during my PT sessions.  What I loved was walking into a business and seeing everyone in a positive mood and enjoying their work.  Especially for those for whom PT is hard work, it makes it seem a little easier.  Thank you for making my body better and making it fun.

  • Your whole team worked hard on me and I enjoyed their attitude.  Should I ever return to Kerrville needing P/T I know your team will be first on the list.

  • It wouldn’t be right for me to move on with my new life without thanking all of you for the most thoughtful care I have ever experienced.  I offer you guys a standing ovation.  I have never seen a group exhibit such great teamwork, informed guidance, awesome attitude, and a welcome dose of humor.  Thank you for my new, limp-less walk!  I have not felt this blessed since my kids were born.

  • Just a note to say thanks to you and the rest of the staff for the excellent therapy I received at Kerrville Physical Therapy Center.  The casual and supportive atmosphere made me feel relaxed and comfortable and for that I am very thankful for the progress I made.  I am swimming, gardening, and carrying around my 17 lb. granddaughter.  I thank you and the rest of the staff daily.  You are appreciated!!

  • Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate the care you all provided for me in my rehabilitation following my recent right knee replacement.  While your professional expertise was of course absolutely essential to my successful recovery, I am also especially grateful for your sense of humor which enabled you to put up with my corny humor and allowed you to “kid” back in return.  Thanks a million!

  • The treatment I received here for a shoulder injury and disc problems was so comprehensive and the staff was amazing. I made quick progress and wish there were more places like it!

  • Thank you so much for the excellent physical therapy given to me for my shoulder and hand.  Everyone worked hard, showed kindness and compassion to make sure my goals were met.

  • Just a quick note of thanks to you and all your wonderful employees for the care you gave me after my knee replacement.  I had no idea what to expect that first day.  You and your staff made is so less painful and never gave up on me, even when I was very frustrated.  So thanks for taking such good care of me.  You all seem like you love your jobs and work so well together ~ that shows in the care of each and every patient.  So, until my next injury or replacement, thank you for your wonderful care and service to so many.

  • It is truly amazing what Kerrville Physical Therapy Center’s encouragement and gifted expertise is doing and will do for their grateful patients.  Thank you to the world’s best Physical Therapists!

  • Charles and I just wanted to tell you folks, everyone there, how much we appreciate your attentiveness and care while in therapy.  We especially noted that each person was very pleasant, which makes for a great atmosphere!

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